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Solar Turbines

About Solar

Founded in 1927, Solar Turbines has been a leader in energy solutions and advanced manufacturing. Today, Solar is a leading provider of industrial gas turbine engines, compressors and mechanical drive packages and a key player in the 1,590 to 31,900 horsepower (hp) segment of the global gas turbine market.

As a major contributor to the production and transmission of the world’s daily output of oil and natural gas, Solar gas turbines produce low exhaust emissions that meet or exceed emission standards around the world.

Product Offerings

Solar Turbine’s rugged, reliable industrial gas turbines can operate on a wide variety of fuels, including natural gas, distillates, NGL, LNG, coal-seam methane, hydrogen and renewable fuels, such as landfill and sewage gases. The group manufactures mid-size industrial gas turbines for use in electric power generation, gas compression and pumping systems.

Products from Solar Turbines include:

  • Six families of gas turbine engines: Saturn?, Centaur?, Mercury?, Taurus?, Mars?, and Titan?; rated from 1,590 to 31,900 horsepower.
  • Ten models of Solar? centrifugal gas compressors and gas turbine-powered compressor sets for both production and pipeline applications, mechanical-drive packages and generator sets ranging from 1 to 24 megawatts.
  • Solar also manufactures Turbotronic? microprocessor-based control systems.

Why Solar

Around the world, more and more people are recognizing the benefits to the environment and the favorable economics of renewable fuels. With low emissions and quiet operation Solar gas turbine engines provide clean, sustainable energy solutions for customers, helping to protect the health of workers and job sites, and respecting residents of communities and neighborhoods around the world.

The Solar brand delivers high value, products and services to customers. More than 70 percent of Solar’s products are exported from the United States. Solar sells, manufactures and services its products in more than 100 countries. Solar participates in two major market segments: Oil and Gas Production and Transmission (O&G), and Power Generation (PG).


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