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About MWM

Since 1871, MWM has been developing and producing sustainable gas engines and gensets in Mannheim, Germany. Today, Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH and our MWM brand is one of the leading and most renowned brands in the field of gas engines and gensets.

Product Offerings

The company?produces and sells?MWM?products, services and technologies for decentralized energy supply using mostly reciprocating gas engine generator sets with power outputs ranging from 400 to 4,500 KW. Gas engines run on a wide range of gaseous fuels as natural gas and non-natural gas (such as bio-gas like landfill and sewage gas). Power plant accessory equipment describes the design, engineering and supply of equipment used in combination with engine generator sets to construct a power plant. MWM also offers after-sales parts and services for its equipment.

The MWM product portfolio includes:


We serve our customers around the globe as a reliable partner for proven and sustained added value in the implementation of power plant projects. Our products are the result of?around?150?years of experience in the development and optimization of gas engines and gensets for natural gas, biogas and other special gases.

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